Patients are commonly bothered by nasal congestion due to sinus disease. Some sinus infections can be acute, but some may be severe and recurring.

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To combat your allergies, we'll need to find out what specific allergens affect you. Then, we'll create a treatment regimen to slowly build your immunity to them.

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We diagnose and treat a wide variety of ear, nose, and throat conditions. Our office specializes in creating a customized approach for finding our patients relief.

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Balloon Sinuplasty

A ground-breaking non invasive surgery

If you suffer from multiple sinus infections per year, you may have a condition called chronic sinusitis, or chronic sinus infections. When antibiotics, nasal steroids, and other methods of treatment fail, balloon sinuplasty may be your answer.

Balloon sinuplasty is offered at our Miami-area ENT offices, and is a gentle, non-invasive procedure in which a balloon catheter slowly and gently inflates in the nasal passages, allowing proper drainage and cleansing to occur. Many patients report long-lasting relief from balloon sinuplasty after seeing no results with other treatment methods.

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Sinus Center MD

Proudly Affiliated with South Florida ENT

Dr. Martinez is a founding member, and has been proudly affiliated with South Florida ENT Associates since 2004.

South Florida ENT Associates serves the Miami and South Florida region with treatment for a variety of ENT conditions. Our experienced physicians provide diagnosis and treatment for sinusitis, nasal allergies, and more. We also provide balloon sinuplasty for long-term sinusitis relief.

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